Merry Manton


Principal Insurance Advisor


With over 30 years in the transport sector, it’s not just a job but my passion. From owning a business to managing fleets and ensuring compliance, I’ve engaged with diverse insurers. I empathise with operators’ concerns and specialise in tailoring insurance solutions for transport and beyond, addressing both personal and business needs.

Bill Manton


Business Development Manager


With a deep passion for the transport sector, I’ve immersed myself in maintenance, operations, and training. My experience spans from driver to manager in a major private transport business. Currently, I offer valuable operational insights to clients and consult businesses, truck manufacturers, and industry bodies on diverse transport industry matters.

Emma Manton


Insurance Adviser


Having grown up within the realms of transport and insurance, it was only a matter of time before I embraced these industries professionally. I distinguish myself through the sincere commitment, unwavering loyalty, and steadfast integrity I bring to building client relationships. My goal is to add a personal touch that transcends transactions.

Holly Manton


Insurance Adviser

Raised by transportation enthusiasts, I was immersed in discussions about the industry from a young age. Post-graduation, I joined a mid-size brokerage, managing diverse insurance claims. This evolved into handling client portfolios and adeptly negotiating coverage with insurers, aligning prices with risk tolerance. Progressing, I pursued my transport fascination, becoming a marine underwriter.