Merry Manton


Principal Insurance Advisor


With over 30 years in the transport sector, it’s not just a job but my passion. From owning a business to managing fleets and ensuring compliance, I’ve engaged with diverse insurers. I empathise with operators’ concerns and specialise in tailoring insurance solutions for transport and beyond, addressing both personal and business needs.

Bill Manton


Business Development Manager


With a deep passion for the transport sector, I’ve immersed myself in maintenance, operations, and training. My experience spans from driver to manager in a major private transport business. Currently, I offer valuable operational insights to clients and consult businesses, truck manufacturers, and industry bodies on diverse transport industry matters.

Holly Manton


Insurance Adviser

Raised by transportation enthusiasts, I was immersed in discussions about the industry from a young age. Post-graduation, I joined a mid-size brokerage, managing diverse insurance claims. This evolved into handling client portfolios and adeptly negotiating coverage with insurers, aligning prices with risk tolerance. Progressing, I pursued my transport fascination, becoming a marine underwriter.

Emma Manton


Insurance Adviser


Having grown up within the realms of transport and insurance, it was only a matter of time before I embraced these industries professionally. I distinguish myself through the sincere commitment, unwavering loyalty, and steadfast integrity I bring to building client relationships. My goal is to add a personal touch that transcends transactions.

Amy McCormick



I have a deep passion for all facets of administrative work, from ensuring smooth operations to organizing everything and managing general office tasks. I take great pleasure in completing assignments with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to exceptional service. It’s always a joy to answer the phone and engage with our wonderful customers.