Here at MBM Insurance Solutions, we understand that when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into building a business, you want to do everything you can to ensure its ongoing success. That’s why we offer multiple types of comprehensive business insurance in Australia ensuring every business owner can protect their business.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance protects you against the risk of someone being injured, or having their property damaged, as a result of your business activities. It is generally appropriate for any type of business that deals with clients in person, either at your own premises or theirs.

Business Insurance

Our Business Insurance cover has been designed to help small to medium sized businesses protect their business premises and everything in it from damage or loss. Make sure you can get your business back on track quickly following an unexpected event, with the right Business Insurance cover for your business.


Business Insurance cover options include:


  • Fire and Other Damage Insurance protecting your building and its contents
  • Burglary Insurance against theft of stock or other business equipment
  • Business Interruption which covers your business against loss of gross profits and increased costs of working, caused by an interruption to your business resulting from an insured event.
  • General Property options to protect other items such as mobile phones and laptops.
  • Public and products liability insurance.

Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Industrial Special Risk Insurance is designed for larger and diverse businesses where it is practical to combine several individual insurance policies into one. If your business has assets over $3 million and a diverse number of locations Industrial Special Risk Insurance can be tailored to meet your specific needs while keeping your insurance cover to one comprehensive policy

Trade Insurance

Trade Insurance allows you to protect your business premises and equipment against damage or loss in the trade sector. It is available across a broad range of trades for the best accessibility, with cover options including:


  • Public and Products Liability Insurance to cover damage caused to people or property in the course of your business
  • General Property insuring your tools of trade, laptop computers and other equipment anywhere in the world
  • Tax Audit Insurance to cover your legal and accounting fees if you are audited
  • Fire and Other Damage Insurance to protect your building and its contents

Professionals Insurance

Professional Business Insurance was designed to protect your business premises and equipment from damage or loss. Covering a broad range of professional occupations, your cover options include:


  •  Fire and Other Damage Insurance to protect your building and its contents
  •  Burglary Insurance against theft of stock or other business equipment

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed for people who provide professional advice for a living, including accountants, marketing consultants and medical professionals.

It protects you, your employees and your business against claims arising from alleged errors and omissions in carrying out your professional duty.

Contract Works and Legal Liability Insurance

Contract Works and Legal Liability Insurance is designed for businesses who own, run or manage any type of construction site – protecting you against major contingencies before, during and after completion.

Contract Works and Legal Liability Insurance cover is available as a one-off policy for a specific project, or you can take an annual policy covering multiple projects and sites Australia-wide.

Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance

Not-For-Profit Organisations Insurance has been specifically designed for volunteer and community groups. It covers your organisation’s public liability exposure if your staff or volunteers are injured whilst undertaking work, or if a member of the public is hurt at one of your events.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance covers you for business, holiday or working holiday travel including sporting events. This includes a broad range of claimable events such as overseas hospital, medical and emergency dental expenses, and lost or stolen cash and personal effects.

Ensure your business is prepared for absolutely anything, and protect yourself, your staff and your businesses future with MBM Insurance Solutions. Call us today on 0418 196 761 or enquire online below to discuss the perfect cover for your business.

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